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Ambient Media

Fair in the face – without a warning!

Ambient media has a surprising, unconventional, innovative, creative and congenial effect in the specific spheres of the target groups.

People are becoming increasingly mobile and are out and about twice as much than a few years ago, 84 minutes per day on average.

As target groups have become less accessible through standard channels such as print, TV, radio and posters, ambient media opened up new ways into specific spheres.

63% of all Germans live in urban areas already, 90 % of the population is roaming on a daily basis.

With our activites as specialised agency that acts independently and nationwide, we realise media planning, strategic purchase and operational control for you. Not least through our involement for the association Ambient-Media e.V., we know all vendors and their performance capability.
You are more than welcome to benefit from our know-how!!!

We catch you. Cause we can.

Marcel Rüffin

Managing Director/Consultant
Phone: 0049-201-330 42 42-55
Mobile phone: 0049-173-960 46 55

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