Quality standard / Member of the Fachverband Ambient-Media e.V.

Grafik FAM Übersicht
FAM Qualitätssiegel für Ambient Media Kampagnen

All members of the Fachverband Ambient-Media e.V. (registered association) have to undergo this independent audit once a year, based on the quality criteria presented in the picture on the left.


During the audit, projects are being chosen from all orders of the past twelve months, on a random basis, and are being checked from A to Z. The audit is being conducted by Michael Schega (co-founder of Pilot Media Group and former Managing Director of HMS Carat).


Less than 10 promotion and event agencies throughout Germany face up to this audit.

Qualitätssiegel Mama Marketing

In February 2015, mama marketing GmbH has been awarded and certified anew by the IHK, after a comprehensive audit, as expert, efficient and reliable company.

Thus, mama has again qualified for tenders and public projects nationwide.

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