Auswahl aktueller Referenzen

Selection of current references

Logo Google

Since 2015 responsible for the initiative “Weltweit Wachsen” (Growing Worldwide) / digital workshop (promotion, ambient media, trade corps tours across businesses nationwide).

Logo Mars

For several brands of the MARS, Incorporated company, since 2015 mama is responsible for developing and implementing large-scale promotions and sampling events.

Logo JTI

Since 2015, mama is in charge of all (sales) promotions and event activities of JT International (best-known brands: Camel, Winston, Benson&Hedges) for the e-cigarette Logic (formerly E-Lites) in Germany (concept and implementation).

Logo De Beukelaer

Griesson DeBeukelaer trusts our expertise in the fields of sampling, promotions (inter alia street, companies) and events, among others for brands such as ChocOlé and GlücksKEX, since 2015.

Logo Jellybelly

Since 2015, mama is responsible for all promotion, sales promotion as well as event activities throughout Germany (concept and implementation) incl. cooperative marketing.

Logo Alexander Nut Group

Since 2016, mama is responsible for all sampling, guerilla marketing and event measures of the brand NicNacs (concept and implementation).

Logo Wüstenrot

Implemented promotions for the field of energy-saving measures with immediate introduction of the branches, in 80 cities on a parallel basis.

Capco Logo

Since 2016, responsible for literally acclaimed guerrilla concepts for recruitment marketing and recruiting.

Novitas Logo

Lead agency for promotions and events since 2016.

Rhode und Schwarz Logo

Since 2015, responsible for the recruitment marketing at universities nationwide.

nutrisun logo

Introduction of the raw  smoothie bar SMO via sampling measures at the POS.

abellio Logo

Lead agency for promotions and events as well as all marketing concepts and their implementation.


Since 2015 mama is, in terms of concept and implementation, in charge of the nationwide student campaigns for the FAZ (“Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”/ Frankfurt General Newspaper).

Caffo Logo

Nationwide sampling measures at the POS for fancy foods from the region of Calabria (including coffee, pastry, liquor, pickled foods, meat spread)

The heads of our agency have been, prior to founding mama, responsible for, among others, the development and/or implementation of the following exemplary projects:

Lucky und Tobacco Logos

All sales promotion campaigns and events for Lucky Strike over a period of three years (promotions, events, festivals in more than 40 cities throughout Germany)

McDonalds Logo

Three years in a row, in 40 cities each, responsible for the concept and implementation of the nationwide on-the-ground activities for McDonald’s Monopoly (university, city, train stations).

Coca Cola Markenlogo

Promotions, samplings, worlds of experience for several brands of the Coca-Cola Deutschland GmbH over five years (city, train stations, leisure activity environments, shops, universities), including Fanta Zero, multi-channel promotion for the introduction of Relentless

htc Logo

All sales promotions, promotional activities and events for HTC Germany GmbH over a period of two years (MediaMarkt/Saturn, provider shop activation, mall activation, Champions League hospitality etc.)

RWE Logo

Over several years, events and promotions (including cross-media planning of all accompanying measures) in terms of recruitment marketing for RWE

Krombachers Fassbrause Markenlogo

Nationwide multi-channel sampling for the introduction of KROMBACHERS Fassbrause (universities, leisure activity environments, city)

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