Guerrilla Marketing

That works! Smart. Unconventional. Innovative.

Guerrilla marketing does not come off the shelf. On the contrary, its success stands and falls with the creative, unique and in this way surprising idea.

  • Unusual events and campaigns that attract attention
  • Raising awareness
  • Word-of-mouth effect – viral spread
  • Increase in popularity ratings and image transfer
  • Efficient use of tools and material
  • High degree of creativity and innovation – which is highly appreciated by the target group!

Important basics for the implementation of guerrilla marketing measures and stunts:

  • We know all the settings which can be entered in a guerrilla manner.
  • We have the know-how of the legal situation, know about its grey area and what possibilites it might offer.
  • The fire in our creative workshop is burning, at all times, in order to turn you into the “talk of town” or “campus talk” with innovative guerrilla marketing ideas.
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With guerrilla soles, the steps resonate vigorously at a later point in time!

Marcel Rüffin

Managing director/Consultant
Phone number: 0049-201-330 42 42-55
Mobile phone number: 0049-173-960 46 55

Marian Stawski-Hinkelmann

Marian Stawski-Hinkelmann

Managing director/Consultant

Phone number: 0049-201-330 42 42-56
Mobile phone number: 0049-173-960 46 56