Recruitment marketing

Allow us to introduce ourselves, as guide. We lead into corporate worlds.


Unsuitable applicants are time-consuming and expensive. What is even more, when it comes to raise of awareness and/or improvement of image, it has to be well thought out how and where the budget is spent.

Personalmarketing für Absolventen

That’s why it is crucial to agree, among other things, upon the following points in advance:
Are you looking for trainees, degree candidates or young professionals (graduates or dropouts)?

Target groups/target universities: types of tertiary education, specific universities, faculties/departments, semesters, regions and much more are filters according to which we can set and adjust the channels of communication precisely. You have not yet defined any target universities? We will be happy to advise and assist you!

Corporate objectives: Applications? Image? Brand awareness?
Possible cross-media marketing channels: posters, postcards, gift bags (incl. production of the advertising material), events, promotions, students’ parties, guerrilla measures

Moreover, you can expect and count on a profound expertise in the field of print and online. What is the tonality that customer approach and brand appearance should be characterized by, or must not be determined by?

Of course there will be a few more details we will ask you for in addition, but that is already a good basis to start our conceptual work!

The graduate – the unknown entity

Prospective graduates are always under pressure, are only available in limited time frames and, in comparison to other students, in terms of address mechanisms are primarily reachable on other levels. We know when, where and how to reach your potential future employees!