Expertise Studenten


When it comes to tomorrow’s elite, it’s all about experience and tact!!!

Students are not only fashion-forward, keen to consume and managers of tomorrow, they are also opinion leaders and thus multipliers for your messages – of high value when commmunicating with them on an equal footing.

Already in 1998, the foundation for the personal expertise in the field of student marketing was laid, when one of the two founders of mama, at the beginning of his professional career, joined the market leader at that time. Tha’s where the experience and knowledge results from, hundreds of student campaigns accross all media and channels. We will gladly apply this expertise for your benefit!

Zielgruppe Studenten

Strucutre in university marketing:

The structure of the space “university” is very complex and can roughly be separated into two fields:

    • premises and food service facilities of the currently 58 student services that are constituted in a decentralized manner (among others: canteens, cafeterias, dormitories)


    • premises administrated by the university (e.g. all teaching facilities).

Based on 15 years of our own professional experience in this leading-edge market, we know just about any possibility of taking advantage of this structure and the premises.

Marketer for universities / provider of university media:

Marketing possibilities are, nevertheless, often still only available to the university authorities themselves (e.g. samplings or promotions). That’s why also only certain sections can exclusively be available to the marketer (e.g. solely poster and display areas). To know all possibilities, rights, costs involved as well as also more cost-effective alternatives, that’s what makes us special.

We offer you quality and an efficient deployment of resources. We independently observe the options offered by all suppliers from a bird’s eye perspective.

It is important to know the significant suppliers and their market opportunities, and to lead an independent partnership with them, in order to be able to advise you in the best possible way.

Market research. Experience. Tact!

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