Zielgruppen Ansprache

Target groups in general

To know how the target group “ticks”, in order speak their language!


Our team members and scouts all across Germany are always on the pulse of the target audiences for you. We are up to date in terms of trends, tendencies and action environments – but, of course, also know what is no longer in fashion.

Market research is the key! One can assume a lot – we underpin our concepts with figures, facts and analyses.

Against this backdrop, mama develops concepts for you that enable you to not only reach the target groups at the most significant neuralgic hubs (universities, public transport, local gastronomy, trendy shops, events, parties, cinemas, countless leisure time activity environments such as parks, lakes for bathing, skate parks and much more), but in particular with address mechanisms that “pick up“ the target groups at that point in life where they are actually standing.

Market research. Experience. Tact!

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