Rocket science reduced to a simple formula:

As our customer, all it takes is a defined target group and the need to stage your product, your brand or your company – we will be happy to take over the rest for you!

Analyse der Touchpoints und Zielgruppen, Konzeption

The success of promotional activities is based on…


the optimal understanding for the customer (company, product, image, objective) and the market (competition, advertising opportunities, taboos etc.), the proper analysis of the touchpoints (where to find the target group in positive environments and with a divergence loss that is kept as low as possible), the analysis of the target group (what makes them „tick“ , which mechanisms are in touch with the latest trends and what should be avoided by all means), creative and innovative concepts that not only astonish in the direct approach, but most ideally generate a word of mouth effect that spreads viral, a 100% reliable, most ideally independently tested (as for example by the Fachverband Ambient-Media e.V.) implementation which meets highest demands in quality

Das liegt uns im Blut

It’s in our blood!

We conceive tailor-made approach mechanisms and creatively let off steam for your benefit, until you give the go-ahead for the realization. No worries, that usually takes little time, as creative, solution-oriented thinking is in our blood, in order to stage-manage your message at the POI (point of interest) in a striking way!

All we need are some key points on your objectives, the task and the framework conditions (briefing) to get started and enter the planning/conception stage. You need the crucial questions from our point of view? In this case, we’ll send you a breifing sheet that you simply fill out and that leaves no question unanswered.

Leistungsüberblick: Umsetzung von Promotions

Realization of promotions

We offer you the complete package, in order to go easy on your ressources and still achieve the best possible result:

You’ll receive targeted and detailed concepts. By means of our extensive network, we take over the complete sourcing of equipment (research, purchase, production).

We navigate all logistics. We know all rightholders and take care of all necessary authorizations, castings as well as the provision of trained promoters and a professional implementation at the highest stage.

All kinds of reporting including management summary, photo documentation, analyses and a résumé, for us, go without saying, in order to not only capture the success of the promotional activity, but also the target group’s feedback.

mama academy! We train ambassadors. Summa cum laude.

Marcel Rüffin

Managing Director/Consultant
Phone number: 0049-201-330 42 42-55
Mobile phone number: 0049-173-960 46 55

Marian Stawski-Hinkelmann

Marian Stawski-Hinkelmann

Managing Director/Consultant
Phone number: 0049-201-330 42 42-56
Mobile phone number: 0049-173-960 46 56