Why mama brings happiness? Our strengths are your advantages!

The name mama is not only composed of the two founder’s first names, but also stands for a promise. mama is characterized by all the positive attributes that make up a mother: commitment, passion, dedication and perfect organisation, paired with a professional management and a very good, flexible infrastructure that you, as customer, promotor or partner, seek in an agency and wish for it to have.

What motivates us: years of research and development, pursued with passion and care



We stand for attention to detail, without getting bogged down. We surprise customers, in a positive way, with our comprehensive overview that implys thinking outside the box and  beyond the horizon of our keytasks. We not only process and work off a project, but consult/look after with ardor and in view of a long-standing, successful business relationship.

Kreativität und Offenheit

Creativity and open-mindedness:

Our customers speak highly of our utmost degree of creativity and the ability to develop innovative and promising communication concepts.

Icon Flexibität


From the challenges in terms of content up to the working hours and operating times ( e.g. in case of customer requests on very short notice) we, as team, are flexible at all times.



Our team members’ personal experiences derive from countless projects of various fields, companies, products and services that have been realized. From our contacts, again and again, new synergy effects arise with different customers whom we connect. These lead to new possibilites for image transfers and, of course, cost savings when it comes to conquering defined target groups.

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Any of our measures is individually calculated, every position within this calculation is transparent and explained in detail. No questions will remain unanswered. As consultants with an open and constructive opinion, we are being highly appreciated.


As events and promotions are often individually customized – not least based on innovative ideas by us – time and time again the challenge arises to test conceptualized activation tools with respect to feasibility in the preliminary stages and to have them individually produced upon assignment.
We have a quality-conscious service provider network at hand that is reliable to 100 % in terms of services, delivery times and attendance.

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